How Much exercise is required to increase Your Bone Health and reduce Pain?

No matter why you have pain it is vital that you provide strength to the joints, so whether you have osteoporosis, joint hypermobility, arthritis or just a little bit creaky you will love this good news.

Many of my patients and clients are unenthusiastic when I discuss fitness with them because they assume I’ll tell them they need to spend hours working out in the gym, lifting heavy weights, and perspiring. After all, everyone is aware that doing plenty of weight-bearing exercise helps to strengthen bone and reduces the chance of fractures.

Well surprise surprise the answer is No, not always. Even modest quantities of low-impact exercise reduce the risk of fracture, according to two recent studies.

It actually delivers results after 20 minutes of walking.
In the first study (Stattin et al. 2017), which tracked more than 65,000 Swedish men and women over the course of 17 years, it was discovered that individuals who exercised regularly, even for brief periods of time, on foot or by bicycle had a reduced fracture rate than those who did not. No matter their age or gender, even somewhat sedentary persons could reduce their risk of fracture by engaging in just a little daily exercise. These normally sedentary individuals had a 13 percent lower chance of hip fractures and a 6 percent lower rate of any fracture compared to those who did none at all, as long as they obtained at least an hour of exercise each week.

It’s important to note that the results were consistent regardless of the type of fracture (including common, moderate fractures like wrist or vertebral fractures as well as the more severe and potentially life-altering hip fractures that everyone fears).

Naturally, the more activity they had, the better the outcomes were: individuals who engaged in 20 minutes of daily walking or cycling, or around 2 hours per week, had a 23% reduced chance of hip fracture and a 13% lower rate of any fracture. Imagine what results you will achieve if you put in even more effort— that’s pretty decent return!

Of course even greater results can achieved with the correct exercises and at the correct level of intensity for You.

So is this you?

Do you often wonder why you have difficulty  and cannot do certain exercises?

Would you like to learn how to do the same exercises in seated, standing or on the floor?

Do you want to learn how to exercise safely and effectively at a level appropriate to you?

Would you like corrective exercises and interventions to enable you to to things you cannot do?

Obviously, an in-depth analysis with me as a specialist is the creme de la crème to helping you, but as I cannot possibly help everyone one to one, and my appointments diary is often full … I have created 3 member’s groups for you.

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