The Douglas Method™ One to One - Clinical Consultations

The Douglas Method™ Clinical Consultations are designed for people with serious chronic/long-term pain problems, as well as people that are experiencing sudden onset pain and want a solution straight away.  Each consultation is undertaken in complete confidence, either in person, or via a private zoom video.

“I fear I really may be broken. Can you really help me?”

While many people seek to be fit and be able to do all the activities they love, for some, just walking without pain, or being able to live without pain-killers, would feel like a miracle.

When you live with constant pain, it’s so exhausting and debilitating. You may fear that you’ll never get any better…

You may be at your wit’s end having tried everything you can think off…

But there IS hope because Now – you can get the help you need to deal with persistent pain. And I am here to help!

How do the consultations work?

The key to success is getting to the root cause(s) of your pain. For chronic pain and/or long-standing problems, we will work through each of the “layers” of pain, as your body will have made it’s own adaptations, that may well be contributing to/obscuring the root cause of your pain.

We will then apply immediate treatment to relieve your pain, realign your body, and release muscular “stress points”. I will teach you specifically-designed exercises and other self-help techniques, that will help maintain the realignment and allow your injuries to heal.

Over time, we will utilise and you will receive, a range of “Fix-It” Procedures to keep and continue to get your body back into working order and enable you to feel fit and pain free again.


"My teenage daughter developed a very painful knee to the extent that she could hardly walk on it some days. We couldn't figure out what she'd done. Two GPs couldn't find anything wrong and simply said to "rest it". Not great! After Susan's treatment she was much improved and the pain was gone altogether within a couple of days. It was like magic!"
Helen Dillon
"For many years now I have suffered with back, knee and ankle joint problems and as I have got older these problems have re-ocurred more frequently. During each session Susan's experience allowed her to work back from the painful area and pinpoint the source. Her in depth knowledge meant that she was able to personalise stretches and movements just for me. I can see and feel the benefit that working with Susan has had. I have more flexibility and strength, particularly in my lower body and that impacts positively on my everyday life. Working with Susan has most definitely helped me."
Anne Corr

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