It's all about you

No matter where you live, what pain or ongoing issues you are dealing with.  No matter the root cause of your pain, Susan is here to help.  Whether you are looking for a one to one consultation, physical or virtual classes/workshops (TDM Online) – the choice is yours!

One To One

Visit and work in person, or via Zoom video conferencing direct with Susan, to relieve your pain

Physical Classes

Join like minded people, and discover "The Douglas Method™ together"

TDM Online

Live overseas or want on-going access to Susan's over 30 years of experience, now you can

Need a little help?

Feel free to pop me a message and ask your own specific questions and I will be happy to help and guide you to the best solution for your personal situation.


Do you offer Home Visits

Yes, absolutely I can come to you, if you are within travelling distance from West Lothian – I totally understand that not everyone is able to come to me and not everyone likes to use online technology. (travel expenses will apply)

What should I wear to my appointment with you

Please wear something comfortable and bring a pair of shorts, as they may be required for the assessment (depending on your issue)

How can you diagnose my issue via an online video call

I have developed unique ways to offer both treatments and assessments, through the proprietary Douglas Method™ 

How do I know that you are the right person to help me?

If you are unsure if I am the right person to help you- you can first book a 15 minute free initial consultation with me to see if we are a good fit for each other.

If I cant afford a one to one session - can you help me in other ways?

Yes, absolutely – you can come join us at one of the physical classes, or you can join the TDM Online membership and private support group

Do you offer ongoing support

Yes, many of my clients want to have ongoing access to me, and to connect with others who have chronic pain too.  So I have created a TDM online membership and support group for everyone 

Group Classes

£90 / 10 weeks

Join Susan and like minded people in a physical class – these are held in various locations within the West Lothian area in Scotland.

West Calder Community HUB on Wednesday Evenings at 7pm


Virtual Workshops

£25 / Month or pay as you go

Specifically designed for those unable to travel or attend physical classes, who want to learn at their own pace and feel good in their body again.

Spring Offer

Book a private consultation with Susan today and receive a 10% discount on your first session.  Feel fit in your body again, starting right now. (use code W20)